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This article is for those of you who are visiting Iran soon or are already in the country and are looking for the best gifts and souvenirs you can buy for your family and friends back home in Iran. Iran Shopping Tips says: "Shopping while travelling can be super exciting, but it's not without its pitfalls. Read on to find out where to shop in and around the Iranian capital and discover some of the most popular shops and restaurants in Tehran, the capital of Iran, as well as other major cities.

If you are looking for a place to shop and have fun in Shiraz, the Persian Gulf complex is the perfect choice. The bazaar is located in the historic region of Shirzad and after learning more about the history and culture of Iran, you can shop there. The Grand Bazaar in Tehran has a wide selection of course, but check out our suggested 2-week itinerary to Iran, which includes many places. The first street in Iran - Sepah Street, in the middle of the cityFor the first time ever, if you get lost among the many nut and pistachio shops, take a look.

If you are looking for something special and don't mind spending a little more money on Iranian souvenirs, metal processing in Esfahan is great for Iranian craftsmanship. Besides the famous Persian Blue Goblet, which can be found throughout the Grand Bazaar of Es Fahan, there are many other beautiful ceramics to take home on your Iran souvenir trip. The city is also stocked with some of the best artworks by Iranian artists that can be bought, and it is a great place to buy a lot of different ceramics as well as a variety of jewelry.

Souvenir seekers and tourists alike will find Afif Abad Street, where you can explore the modern shopping malls. When shopping at Tehran's Grand Bazaar, be sure to visit some of the famous restaurants in Moslem for the most entertaining shopping experience. Finally, we recommend that you inform yourself about money and purchases in Iran before visiting the bazaar. And if you fancy food, try Persian Food Tours to discover the special ingredients that you can buy as souvenirs in Iran.

If you are in Iran, you can use one of the many online shopping websites selling Persian handicrafts and sweet products. Here you will find a list of the most popular shopping centers in Iran, which are busy on a daily basis.

There are not many retail chains in Iran, but most of the shops are run by locals and often sell only Iranian-made goods. In the commercial heart of Tehran (and of Iran as a whole), imported and manufactured goods are sold in a variety of shops. Retailers are also in the Persian Gulf, Arab companies looking to do business in Iran, and many foreign companies from the Middle East and North Africa. There are a large number of shops and restaurants in this shopping mall located in the commercial heart of Delhi and other parts of the country. Imported and manufactured goods can be sold here, while many restaurant and café chains are located in it, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and hotels.

The Grand Bazaar in Tehran, located on Panzdah Khordad Street, has a wide range of shops and restaurants, as well as many restaurants and hotels.

This is probably the best place to buy souvenirs from Iran, as the crafts are unique in the region. Iranian rugs are very famous, both handmade and factory rugs, and there is a wide variety of different types of rugs for sale, which should be considered in Tehran or even in other parts of Iran.

If you visit a traditional bazaar in Iran, visit the Nipples Shop where you can see a variety of rosaries for sale. If you are strolling through Iran's bazaars, you will probably have plenty of ideas about what to take home as a souvenir, if you already have ideas.

If you are looking for a modern shopping spot, you can visit the Palladium shopping center to see the luxurious part of Tehran. The shopping center is modern and luxurious, and if you feel like shopping, I can call it one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Iran, if not the world. This large bazaar is full of shops and a luxury shopping mall waiting for you to go to Haft - e - tir Square and hopefully turn your mood into 100% satisfaction. If you're looking for boutiques, the best, you should check out the shops you should visit in Shiraz, such as the Baha'i Bazaar. This is a bit different from the other attractions you want to see in Sharm el-Sheikh or Schirzad, but it is still a shop that can accompany you, with a wide selection of clothes and accessories.

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