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The exodus of Tehran's residents has led to a rise in rental prices in the cities in the suburbs. The housing market is putting tenants under pressure, especially in Tehran, the capital of Iran's second-largest city, according to a new report.

According to the Statistics Center, the average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city of Tehran has reached more than $590. As a result, a family in Tehran should pay more than $29,500 for a single-family home, and in some ways, rental prices have risen by more than 50%.

Property expert Mehdi Soltan Mohammadi said: 'It is impossible to expect rental prices to rise without trebling property prices. As for the country, with its unique inflation, some are optimistic about the outlook for the state's real estate market.

The Iranian government has removed the four zeros from the national currency in order to rescue the economy from its desolate state. People from different parts of the country have migrated to Tehran, but today it has become too crowded a city. The Ayatollah has faced various socio-economic crises due to his international obstacles, and the real estate crisis has been ignited in the surrounding areas.

Of course, many property experts believe that rising rents are the result of massive inflation. In this case, according to Soltan Mohammadi, the government is responsible for controlling inflation and monitoring rental prices. He said that "the government should control property prices in Tehran and other parts of the country, especially in the capital.

He studied interior design at Tehran University of Fine Arts and specializes in creating original and authentic home furniture that combines traditional Persian handicrafts with functionality. At the Isfahan University of Art, he specialized in the restoration of historical monuments. He studied interior design and specialized in the design of original, authentic houses and furniture, combining traditional Persian crafts and functionality.

Abbas sought to establish Isfahan as the political capital of the first Shiite empire, and brought in learned theologians from Lebanon to strengthen the city's religious institutions - a move begun by his predecessor that would have profound consequences for world history. Today's development of IsFahan is proof of Abbasa's vision for the future of Iran and its people. But the lion's share of the protests were carried out by slum dwellers, and the rulers committed bloody crimes.

This part of ISFAHAN is a great place if you are looking for the latest architectural trends. Of particular interest is the Royal Mosque (Masjed - e Shah), which is located on the south side of the square and angled to Mecca. This is probably the most important monument of the city and the epitome of fine Iranian architecture. I really hope you can visit these two houses one of these days, they are examples of some of the most beautiful architectural styles of Iran. Here we had the opportunity to see the most beautiful windcatchers of Iran, especially one with its beautiful blue and white wings.

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More About Isfahan