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French leisure group Accor is to open two hotels in Iran as part of an expected tourism boom in the country following the agreement on its nuclear programme. The agreement for the hotel was signed by the Iranian government, the Foreign Ministry and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

According to Christophe Landais, who is leading the development of AccorHotels Iran, the operation will be carried out as a joint venture between the company and the Iranian government. The agreement to manage the two properties in Iran comes after a group statement in late 2015.

The four hotels will have a total of 840 rooms and will help Iran to advance its plans to expand its capacity to 20 million tourists a year by 2025. Rotana, an Abu Dhabi-based company, is also building four hotels in Iran, which are due to be completed in 2018. Bazin said talks were underway to open two hotels in Tehran under the Novotel Ibis brand. The five-star Espinas Behnood hotel will open next year in the city of Isfahan, the capital of Iran's second-largest city, and the five-star Rayhaan hotel with 200 keys will open in 2017, said Alireza Al-Khatami, the company's executive vice president of business development and development. The company is also planning to open a Novotels Ibiis hotel near Tehran, as well as two other hotels in Baku, Azerbaijan's third largest city.

If you are looking for a traditional hotel where the ancient Iranians enjoyed and felt a wonderful atmosphere, the Isfahan Abbasi Hotel is a must - visit it. We respect the expectations of TAP Persia and have compiled a list of the 10 best hotels in Iran in our survey based on tourist opinions. The best hotel is from the perspective of the Iran researcher and we are always ready to answer your questions about a trip to Iran and plan your trip based on your budget and city.

There are some of the best hotels in Tehran, including well-appointed standard rooms, good food and good service. Tehran Novotel Hotel offers a variety of rooms with a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool, spa and fitness centre.

The hotel has a variety of rooms with a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool, a spa and fitness centre. This package includes a two-night stay at Tehran's Novotel Hotel and a three-night stay at Isfahan International Airport. The hotel offers a number of special events, such as the annual Tehran International Film Festival and the Iran International Festival of Arts and Culture. These packages include a few nights in a hotel and a trip to the Iranian capital for one or two special events.

Iran is a small paradise for downhill skiing, with much cheaper lift passes and much higher prices than in Europe. Espinas is a hotel in the north of Tehran, in a quiet and pleasant climate.

The hotel is only a few minutes away by bus, train or taxi and it is 45 - 60 minutes away by car. You can also visit the sights of Isfahan, including the National Museum of Iran, the largest museum of the Islamic Republic, as well as some of the city's most popular restaurants.

If you have a tight itinerary and want to stay only for a short period, Tehran Novotel Hotel offers the possibility of booking a short stay. The facilities and services of the Iran Accor Hotel in Tehran, Iran, as well as all the services it offers its guests, provide a great experience for all guests who want to take home a bit of Iran. For those who have had to travel and have shorter travel plans or require a shorter stay than a few days or even a week, we offer you the possibility to book shorter stays and reservations in our hotels.

The Rotana Hotel, based in the United Arab Emirates, also has hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai International Airport and Dubai Airport. Iran has set a goal of building 100 hotels by 2025, potentially bringing in $25 billion to $30 billion. Iran Accor Group, the parent company of the Tehran hotel chain, says it hopes to attract 1.5 million guests from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to Iran by 2025. As the group accelerates its efforts to reach its goal of 100 hotels by 2020, Iran will be a key location for Rotana.

AccorHotels is ready to play a leading role in the development of the country's hotel and tourism industry and the tourism sector. I expect this latest agreement to open up enormous growth opportunities for the hotel and tourism industry in Iran, "Eduard Broussard, CEO of Accor Middle East, told Hotelier.

TR Consultancy's report highlights Iran's tourist offerings, including a strong arts and crafts industry that includes coveted Persian rugs. Attractions include Isfahan, the ancient capital of the largest empire the world has ever seen, and Shiraz, known as the city of love and poetry. Visitors to Is Fahan will experience all that the Middle East has to offer, including a variety of cultural and cultural attractions and a rich cultural heritage. Many stories from Iran's rich history are told in the history books, such as that of Imam Khomeini and the story of Shah Kajar and his family.

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