Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan is known as the top destination place of Iran with Persian gardens, lots of Islamic buildings and a good visiting appeal. If you are planning to visit Isfahan then there are lots of tourist attractions with historical views and great sightseeing destinations.


Best places to Explore in Isfahan


1. Masjed-e Shah


It is a beautiful and elegant mosque which is having blue tiles and just perfect proportions which gives a stunning appearance to this monument.


2. Bazar-e Bozorg


This is the another most beautiful destination to visit in Isfahan with lots of things to purchase. It is one of the busiest markets in morning and has wide varieties to have.


3. Haj Mahmood Beryani


This place is famous mostly for its best taste beryani, there are many branches of Azam and it is the most recommended place to have a tasty lunch.


Best Hotels in Isfahan


* Safir Hotel: This hotel is located in the best location within the center fulfilled with fully furnished beautiful rooms, bathrooms with bathtub and an inside restaurant.


* Attar Hotel: This hotel is having lots of facilities like 24-hour front desk service, shuttle service, indoor pool, bathtub, free Wi-Fi, wardrobe and rooms with attached kitchens.


Places to Eat in Isfahan


* Azam Beryani: It is one of the best and famous hotels which offers middle eastern, Persian and Halal food.


* Restaurant Shahrzad: In this restaurant, you can enjoy middle eastern, Vegetarian and Persian food items.


* Traditional Banquet Hall: Here you can enjoy tasty Middle Eastern, Halal, and Persian food.